Project Duration:: Current Phase; July 2016-June 2017


Working Area Focus Components Supporter(s)/Development Partner
Upazilas: Bhairab Karimgaonj
Education Health & Nutrition Satellite Clinic Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF)

ENRICH/SOMREDHI project focuses on health and education, supported by PKSF. Through ENRICH/SOMREDHI project POPI wants to ensure complete healthcare services for all poor households. Four Health Assistants and twenty Health volunteers are engaged with a kind of missionary zeal to visit the households concerned at regular intervals, collect necessary information and offer useful advices. Project offices take care of operating static clinics, while the services of MBBS doctors are available for weekly satellite clinics. As of June, 2016, a total of 2887 patients have been dispensed with SOMREDHI health services. Some supplementary efforts were in place to strengthen health services. 3981 Patients served, 1094 Diabetic test, 424 ANC and 375 PNC service, 200 Sanitary latrine installation and 1000 children enrolled through 40 afternoon school establishment. Initiatives have been taken to ensure sanitation in the SOMREDHI intervening areas. SOMREDHI is also worked for to relieve children from fear of school. Schools are established targeting slow and poor children, whose parents due to illiteracy or day-long involvement in livelihood activities and cannot take care of their children’s study. Students are selected from nearby primary schools from class I and class II. Learners and intellectual supports are provided for two and half hours at afternoon.


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