Project Duration:: Start: January 2011; Present Phase : 1 July 2015-30 June 2016 (5th Phase)


Working Area Focus Components Supporter(s)/Development Partner
Upazilas: Munshigonj sadar,sirazdikhan, sreenagar and Tongibari
District: Munshigonj
Primary health care ANUKUL FOUNDATION (MDF)

POPI has different initiatives on primary health care those are being manifested its different projects in integrated ways.Thinking the scope of access and needs to health of the members of micro finance this PHC project is designed as micro finance plus.PHC project is being implementing through the support of Anukul Foundation at Munshigonj district( Munshiganj Sadar ,Sirajdikhan ,Sreenagor and Tongibari).The targeted beneficiaries are the micro finance member especially poor mother and their children.The deliverable services are general treatment ,health care of child & adolescent, courtyard meeting, ANC & PNC, Safe Child delivery ,supply folic acid and calcium tablet at free of cost and medicine supply on subsidies rate.
Achievements: July 15-June 16

ANC service: 349
PNC service: 258
Satellite Clinic organized: 384
Patient treated/served: 4618
Courtyard yard meeting: 1148
People reached: 13776


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