Project Duration: July 2006-June 2016


Working Area Focus Components Supporter(s)/Development Partner
Upazilas: Hatibandha(Lalmonirhat)
Domar & Dimla (Nilphamari)
• Access to finance and promotion of profitable income generating activities
• Infrastructure development, direct cash transfer,and the emergency loan.
• Health services and medicines to its members
Palli kormo Shohayk Foundation (PKSF)

Programmed Initiatives for Monga Eradication (PRIME); a comprehensive approach to eradicate Monga. Monga is a situation of income deprivation resulting from the lack of working opportunities during the pre-harvest season occurring September to November (Bangla months of Ashwin and Kartik) and again between mid-February and late April (Bangla months of Falgun and Chaitra) especially in the Rangpur Division. Skewed distribution of land, utter dependence on crop-based agriculture, lack of industrialization and recurring natural calamities leads to immense hardship of monga-affected households. The baseline found that nearly 50% of the total population of the greater Rangpur region was monga-affected. Around 80% of them were day-laborers and have either no or less than 10 decimal lands if any. In this backdrop, POPI has been implementing a project called Programmed Initiatives for Monga Eradication (PRIME) at Dimla and Domer upazilla of Nilphamari district and Hatibanda upazilla, Lalmonirhat district since 2006 with the help of Palli Karma Sahayak Foundation (PKSF). The major interventions were group formation, provide Flexible Micro-credit loan for IGA, Emergency (Consummation) Loan Primary Health Care service , Impart Skill and Vocational training to the and employment creation

Achievements of PRIME as of June 2016


Flexible micro-credit (FMC) Peoples Engaged with IGA Health service
Group formation : 327
Members enrolled : 24527
Loan distribution (in BDT, lac) : 2962.52
Emergency Loan (in BDT) : 125.60
SEEDS distribution (peoples) : 35825
Farming (#) :8718
Off- farming(#): 10514
Livestock (#): 14444
Model IGA establishment : 432
Support for market linkage: 297
Field day observed : 772
Vaccination Camp: 581
Livestock Vaccinated: 36447
ANC : 595, PNC: 165
TBA service for safe delivery: 104
POSTI KONA receiver : 1919
MUAC Test : 1032
PHC (courtyard) Session : 559
Satellite Clinic : 61
General Health Camp : 8
Patient Served : 2923
Referral cases : 946

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