POPI implements its DRR and CCA programme in its working areas with the objective of decreasing the negative impact of climate change and natural disaster through building increasing resilience of the community. Seven thousand one hundred and seventy one (7,171) CBO members were capacitated this year so that they were able to anticipate the possible impact of climate change and natural disaster and to take appropriate measures accordingly. One hundred and fifty two (152) CBOs reviewed and updated their annual action plans. Participatory Capacity and Vulnerability Analysis (PVCA) was conducted in 205 villages of 39 UPs to identify the vulnerabilities and also their capacities to combat such vulnerabilities. 895 homestead plinth and courtyards were raised considering the HFL. In addition, 2 school grounds were raised so that these can be used as flood shelter centres for people
as well as for livestock, poultry and pet animals. POPI facilitated strengthening the natural disaster protection system through planting 8000 Koros trees by the community members in haor areas.


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