Aim to increase access to quality health service prioritizing to facilitate awareness; skills and practices; reduce health risk and malnutrition of mother, children & adolescents; networking with GoB health services; work for disaster resilient infrastructure and access to WaSH. Health Nutrition and WaSH program occupies a very important place in POPI’s comprehensive development approach. In addition to creating awareness on health, nutrition and WaSH issues and building WaSh infrastructure, POPI also extensively works for developing sustainable livelihoods of the program participants so that they can access to nutritious food and avail medical attention and pure water and hygienic sanitation facilities. To sensitise local public health institutions and their functionaries POPI also conducts advocacy by mobilising community people along with other stakeholders at local as well as national levels. This year a total of 50,753 persons received message/ knowledge on health, hygiene and nutrition through 3,031 health sessions. ANC services were extended to 1,584 pregnant mother and another 866 lactating mother received PNC services. 35,166 patients (91.12% women) were provided with general treatment and de- warming tablets were distributed to 42,535 people. Under WaSH component a total of 4,029 new households were brought under sanitation coverage by installing equal number of sanitary latrines. For creating safe drinking water facilities 2,808 new tube wells were installed by POPI this year in its working areas.


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