In general the poor have difficulty in getting loans from traditional banks and financial institutions. As a result they are forced to approach the local moneylenders and loan sharks for loan, who charge exorbitant interest rates, making it nearly impossible to pay them back and pushing people even further into poverty. POPI’s microfinance program offers and opens up windows for the disadvantaged poor and creates access to small loans and financial services so that they can earn a steady income. POPI offers different suitable packages through its Microfinance Programs so that people can invest in a small business, enterprise development and or any EIG. A total of Tk.4085.4 million was extended to 1, 52,535 borrowers in the financial year 2015-2016. The performance of the loan portfolio looks very impressive with 99.02% OTR and 99.41% CRR.
Micro Enterprise Services
Skill development and Capacity Building


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