POPI’s rights and governance program follows two pronged strategy; 1.Making community members aware about their legitimate rights and how to access to those rights and opportunities and 2. Sensitize, rapport building, and networking with the service delivery structures and agencies operating in its working areas and beyond. With these twin objectives, POPI works with whole range of actors to promote human, gender and child rights and rights to accessing to various resources like khas land, khas water bodies, embankment side, safety net opportunities and medical services etc. In 2015-2016 hundred and twelve (112) training/ workshops on various issues with 2,207 participants were arranged to aware the community members. Different days such as International woman’s Day, National Legal aid day, Begum Rokeya Dibash and International day on Elimination of VAW were observed with due importance and befitting manner. As a part of awareness campaign and to promote child rights a special program called South Asian Initiative to End Violence against Children was conducted throughout the year. Twenty four (24) specially designed workshops were conducted to sensitize the participants on child right issues and motivating them to raise their voice against any form of violence against children and women.


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