ICT Based Response and Support Mechanism to Address Violence against Women and Girls


POPI as the partner of Acid Survival Foundation (ASF) implements this project in 2 Upazillas including Narshinghi Sadar and Shibgonj of Narsinghdi district. This is a two years project, covering the period from 2017 to may 2019, and aims to build the  capacity of the  survivors of two above Upazillas to prevent, report and respond to acid and other forms of violence and also engage with the groups, committees and other stakeholders to be part of the ICT based response and support mechanism.


The project introduces a phone based alert system at district level to report of acid and other forms of violence against women and girls. The project involves local community volunteers, engages students, men and boys and equips them with the knowledge and skills related to proper reporting of VAWG through the phone based alert system. And also develops their capacities to prevent violence and strengthen reporting capabilities as well as to ensure enhanced access to information on different support services in relation VAWG.


Intended output:

  • • Survivals as well as families and communities become aware on various support services available to address VAWG
  • • Referral systems and linkages are established with different service providing agencies and become  fully functional
  • • Survivors of violence are capable to overcome the trauma and back to normal lives
  • • Increased access to quality health, legal and Psycho- social services and support for victims of VAWG.


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