Basic Literacy Project (BLP-64)


Bangladesh is pledge bound to eradicate illiteracy from the country and has demonstrated remarkable progress in this end. However, the country still has to go a long way to fully get rid of this curse. As per the BBS data of 2017, nearly 28% of populations of belonging to age group of 15 and above still suffer from illiteracy. To address this problem and to equip this huge number of people to be actively participating in the socio- economic development of them and the country, the ECNEC in its meeting of 11 February, 2014 approved the “Basic Literacy Project (BLP-64)” for implementing in 64 districts of the country. The prime objective of the project is to offer life skill based basic literacy to 4.5 million adolescence and adult women and men of 15-45 age groups.


Under a partnership arrangement with The Bureau of Non-formal Education of Primary and Mass Education Ministry, POPI has been entrusted with the responsibility of implementing this project in 4 Upazillas namely Karimgonj, Tarail, Mithamoin and Nikli of Kishoregonj District. As per the arrangement, POPI has been offering life skill based literacy to 18,000 adolescence and adult learners facilitated by 600 trained teachers through 3000 adult learning centres.

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