Project Duration: April 2014-December 2016; extended up to March 2017


Working Area Focus Components Supporter(s)/
Development Partner
Upazilas: Derai
District: Sunamgonj
DRR & CCA,Livelihood security Rights and Governance Christian Aid

Project goal: to make a major contribution as part of a global partnership to achieve international targets for development.
Expected Results
1. To support marginalized small-scale producers and landless labourers, primarily women, to develop increasingly profitable and resilient livelihoods.
2. To support marginalized and vulnerable communities to manage key resources/adapt livelihoods strategies to respond to climate trends and other risks.
3. To influence national and sub-national policy & practice to promote profitable and resilient livelihoods for marginalized small-scale producers & landless households, especially women.
The major activities are
 Conduct meeting with women group members to aware them on DRR & CCA
 Provide input support like vegetable, Short duration rice seed, plant saplings, duck/ duckling, lamb and cattle and capital support to the beneficiaries to build their resilient livelihood.
 Entrepreneurs’ management and skills development training like tailoring, bamboo goods making, vermin compost, small business (grocery shop, dry fish), duckling hatchery, crop diversification etc. and provide necessary support to them.
 Capital support to disable person who are more vulnerable to disaster and involve them in small business.
 Organize training to producers group on pro poor market access and conduct meeting with market actors and producers group to build linkage with them.
 Carrying out PVCA in new areas and review meeting of PVCA planning and implementation.
 Organize training / meeting to build linkage of group leaders with climate science actors.
 Development of advocacy strategy to establish rights of landless beneficiaries on govt. khas land and ensure govt. essential services.

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