Cultural and Sports Program


Ensuring quality education to all children, especially to the children from most marginalized segment of society is one of POPI’s key development concerns. POPI conducts multiple activities to ensure quality education to the children belonging to various zones of exclusion and deprivation including school dropouts, slow learners and ethnic minority groups.


POPI firmly believes that school children must be encouraged to take part in various forms of cultural and sports activities for their balanced growth. With this understanding, POPI has been implementing a program entitled “Cultural and Sports Program” in Bhairab Upazilla under a joint collaboration arrangements with the Paali Karma Shahayak Foundation (PKSF). Besides involving school children from all unions and the pourashava, members and organizers of local cultural and sports organizations are also actively take part in this interesting program. The main activities that are conducted under this program include:

  1. 1. Arranging competition on creative writings, practicing virtues and leadership qualities
  2. 2. Debate competition
  3. 3. Football and volley ball competition
  4. 4. Cleaning Campaign
  5. 5. Mini marathon / cycling competition
  6. 6. Kabadi/ Hadudu competition
  7. 7. Badminton competition
  8. 8. Cultural competition
  9. 9. Wall paper competition
  10. 10. Organizing science, agriculture, technology and innovation fare etc.


This program is jointly financed by PKSF and POPI.


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