Demand Control and Awareness Campaigning of DWASA Package-B in Administrative Zone 3 of DWASA


Project Duration: January’12-Dec’15


Working Area Focus Components Supporter(s)/
Development Partner
16 wards of Dhaka City
District: Dhaka
Awareness & Technical Education
Awareness raising campaign
Mobilise Urban Communities
Teaching customers on meter reading
Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority

Introduction and Background

DWASA has taken Dhaka Water Supply Sector Development Project under Asian Development support to provide more benefit to its customers and city dwellers. The main target of the project is to support reforms in the urban water supply sector laid out in the Sector development Program Water and sanitation sector in Bangladesh. The aim of the project is to improve water supply network of Dhaka city through dividing the network into 100 District Meter Area (DMA), rehabilitation of replacement of water distribution pipeline ranging from 75 to 450 mm diameter, construction/rehabilitation of 38 overhead reservoirs and replacement of approximately 1, 75,000 connections including installation of meter serving more than 8 million of Dhaka City population. POPI has been engaged demand control and awareness campaign to carry out among target (30,145 customers) population under DWASA Zone 03. The project has significant impact on the life of people living in the project area through number of intervention. During project intervention there will be disruption in daily life and people need to be aware about impact of the project. The project has set awareness program among the population of the project during pre and post construction periods


Project Goal

To sustained economic growth and improved public health conditions in the urban centers, particularly in the Dhaka Metropolitan area by improving the water supply services.


Expected Results

1.Established a better understanding & familiarized about DWASA & DWASA services.


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