Empowering Local and National Humanitarian Actors (ELNHA)


The Empowering Local and National Humanitarian Actors (ELNHA) project is a three-year project (2016-2018) sponsored by Oxfam Novib and Oxfam Great Britain with the IKEA Foundation as the back door. ELNHA is supported by a global management team located at Oxfam Novib in The Hague and a team at Oxfam in Bangladesh. The ELNHA Project runs on the principle of putting Local and National Humanitarian Actors in the driver’s seat to define their agenda and strategies, and influencing international humanitarian actors for their support.


Six (6) Support Partners along with POPI (others are CODEC, SKS, Asroy, MJSK and DAM) have been implementing this project through local and national humanitarian actors (LNHAs) in their assigned districts. As one of the leading partner, POPI has been implementing ELNHA project in Kishoregonj and Sunamgonj district aiming at strengthening and enhancing the voice of and broadening space for Bangladeshi local and national humanitarian. One of the objectives of ELNHA process is to strengthen the voice and empower the organizations/ entities engaged in influencing relevant policies.


Main Pillars of the Project :

1). Strengthen: Support local / national humanitarian actors to design, deliver and lead in humanitarian preparedness and response in Bangladesh

2). Voice: Support local / national humanitarian actors’ power to influence the humanitarian agenda in their country

3). Space: Influence large international humanitarian donors and international NGOs to tailor their policies, strategies and systems in support of local / national humanitarian actors leadership.


Major Activities implemented by POPI:


Organizational Capacity Development: CTP Leadership training, JNA Training, Contingency Plan development training, Emergency PP writing, Emergency Financial , Logistic & Procurement policies development training, ToT for local resource pool development. Offering capacity building trainings to local volunteers, conducting exposure visits, Training on C4C, grand bargain and localization.


Influencing activities:  organizing Lobby meeting, Talk show, Dialogue session with district Govt. officials and other service providing agencies, Alliance building and Network development, Women platform development and advocacy at local /district level.


Awareness Building: Joint celebration of NDPD, IDDR with Govt. Dress and kits distribution to the Volunteers. Art competition of the school students, Mock drills.


Conducting Cash Transfer Program – CTP): CTP was  conducted in Haor area during flash flood in 2017.In 2017 POPI implemented the planned activities through 8 LAs and in 2018 through 12 LAs. The numbers of LAs were increased due to the growing interest of the local and national humanitarian actors to be engaged with ELNHA project for their capacity building through learning by doing approach.


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