Engaging Communities and Authorities to Tackle Oppression (ECATTO)


This 3 years program, with financial and technical assistances from the Manusher Janno Foundation (MJF) is being implemented in 3 Uazillas namely Kishoregonj Sadar, Pakundia and Hossainpur of Kishoregonj district from January, 2019. The program endeavors to create a violence free environment that enables women and girls to exercise to their rights and opportunities. Through successful implementation of the project it is expected that:-

  • • The prevalence of violence against women and girls will be decreased significantly in the project areas
  • • Men and boys will become more gender sensitive and act positively to contribute in promoting gender equality and gender rights in the family and community
  • • Violence victims will get better access to medical and legal assistances  and
  • • Program participants will get involved in sustained income earning activities in greater degrees.


The major beneficiaries of this project are survivors of VAW victims, women and girls suffering from various forms of vulnerabilities (widow, divorcee, destitute, and disabled), adolescent boys and youth etc. The other stakeholders include teachers, business persons, local professionals, members of civil society organizations, representatives of local elected bodies and government officials etc.


Major outputs:

  • • Enhanced awareness of community people especially of women and girls on women rights and violence against women
  • • Active initiative from women and girls to prevent and sop violence against women and girls
  • • Increased awareness of men and boys on gender rights and violence against women
  • • Higher degree of involvement of men and boys in prevention of violence against women and girls
  • • Better and effective support of duty bearers to the violence survivors and victim, and enhanced and better services to them
  • • Active involvement of women in EIG activities and utilization of the income independently as per their choice.


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