Floating School and Health Care Centre (POPI)


This program is the continuation of the education and health assistance program funded by the Big Lottery Fund. Since the phasing out funding in December 2016, POPI has been implementing this program with its own resources in Nikli Upazilla of kishoregonj district.


Floating school is a unique intervention to ensure access to school by the haor children who otherwise would not been able to do it. As haor goes under water for nearly 8 months in a year and villages are scattered, due to communication difficulties children of haor villages where there is no govt. or community run primary schools are deprived of education.


To address this problem POPI conducts its floating schooling program.  Floating schools are housed in specially designed and built water launches and equipped with required facilities and learning/ teaching aides. Currently 2 such water launches are functioning as floating schools as well as primary health care centers which cater to the primary health care need of the community people.  These schools are run by qualified teaching staffs and the health center is run by qualified health workers. The major activities that are conducted under this project include:

  • • Conducting social mobilization
  • • Enrolling potential students
  • • Collecting text books and uniforms from Upazilla Educating Office
  • • Conducting classes as well as monitoring and assessing the academic progress made  by the students
  • • Offering primary health care and first aid services to the community people
  • • Conducting bi-monthly meeting with the school management committee and
  • • Arranging extra-curricular activities and annual sport evens etc.


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