Primary Health Care (PHC)


The Primary Health Care Project (PHC) is being implemented since 2011 through the financial support of Anukul Foundation in 4 Upazillas of  Munshigonj district ( Munshigonj sadar, Sirajdikhan , Sreenagar and Tongibari. This project is designed to address the pressing health needs of POPI’s micro finance program participants, especially poor mother and their children.


The major services offered by this initiative include:

  • • ANC services
  • • PNC service
  • • Safe child delivery service
  • • Supply of folic acid and calcium tablets
  • • Running Satellite Clinic
  • • Patient treatment and referring the critical patients to Govt. hospitals for better treatment.
  • • Supplying medicines in subsidized rate
  • • Conducting health awareness trainings in formal and informal settings and organizing health awareness campaigns etc.


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