Probin  Janoghostir  Jibonman Unnayan Karmasuchi  (Program for Wellbeing of Elderly People)


Above titled program has been conceived, developed and designed by the PKSF which is being implemented by its partners throughout the country. As a long standing partner of PKSF, POPI had entered into a joint collaboration agreement with it to implement this program in 2 Upazillas namely Bhairab (3 Unions) and Karimgonj (1 Union) of Kishoregonj District. This program has been designed in accordance with the Jatio Probin Nitimala-2013 (National Policy for Elderly People – 2013) of the Government of Bangladesh.  POPI conducts this program for the well being of the elderly people of selected Unions of above Upazillas so that they can live in the society with safety, security and dignity and enjoy their rights and entitlements. The main activities that are being conducted under this innovative program include:

  1. a. Establishing Social Centres for the Elderly People
  2. b. Providing old age allowance, introducing special savings and pension scheme
  3. c. Honoring enthusiastic elderly persons for their contributions to the society
  4. d. Honoring the children of elderly people for their extraordinary care to their parents
  5. e. Providing assistive devices to physically challenged elderly persons
  6. f. Bringing deserving elderly people under various social safety net programs and ensure their rightful entitlements
  7. g. Arranging health checkup and physiotherapy
  8. h. Organizing cultural programs and other light recreational activities.


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