Resilience through Economic Empowerment, Climate Adaptation, Leadership and Learning (REECALL- 2021)


REECALL- 2021 is the second phase of the Resilience through Economic Empowerment, Climate Adaptation, Leadership and Learning programme. The first phase of the program had been implemented by POPI from April 2012- March 2017. The second phase covers the period from October 2017- March 2020.  Like the first phase, POPI has been implementing this program in remote haor areas of Nkli and Mithamoin Upazilla of Kishorgonj district with financial and technical assistance from the OXFAM. REECALL- 2021 program is conducted centering on following thematic areas:

  • • Women Empowerment
  • • Economic Development
  • • Climate Actions
  • • Disaster Risk Reduction
  • • Active Citizenship


Major activities covers:

  1. a. Increasing livelihood generation and market access by climate vulnerable communities through scaling up and development of value chains, promoting integrated farming, establishing food banks and improving access to financial institution services.
  2. b. Advancing gender equity and women leadership through reducing unpaid care work, developing skill on and control over their own income.
  3. c. Addressing climate change adaptation and mitigation through community mobilization, managing natural resources in planned ways and linking with climate activists for sustainable environmental management.
  4. d. Strengthening liaison and linkages with various private, public and civil society forums and entities and conduct influencing activities so that poor women and men can have better access to their legitimate rights and entitlements.
  5. e. Promoting active citizenship through developing community leadership and building appropriate civil action forums for conducting advocacy and lobbying.
  6. f. Improving water, hygiene and sanitation (WaSH) situation by introducing community managed WaSH infrastructures.


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