Save Urban Child from Hazardous Job and Linkage with Academy (SUCHALA)


Numerous studies have clearly demonstrated that poverty is one of the reasons which largely are responsible for dropping out of children from the schoosl. The children from the poor and extreme poor families are forced to discontinue their schooling to supplement the family income and many of them are compelled to get engaged in various hazard jobs which are very detrimental to their physical and mental wellbeing.  To address this problem, POPI with the financial assistance from Anukul Foundation has been implementing the SUCHALA project in 3 Upazillas of Munshigonj district (Sirajdikhan, Tungibari and Sadar Upazilla) from January 2017.


The project intends to cater the school dropped out children of 6-10 years old who are unable to continue their studies due to economic hard ship faced by their respective families and suffer from continued food insecurities. Besides conducting awareness raising education among the parents/ guardian, the project arranges study support so that dropped out can return to their school and continue their education.  Each selected students receive a stipend amounting of TK. 400.00 per month for conveyance and purchasing of study materials. In addition, an amount of Tk. 800.00 is offered at the beginning of each academic year to purchase books and school dress etc.


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