Alternative Livelihood Security Option*

Livelihood Performance

  • • 1231 groups working comprising of 26,154 Poor and extreme poor.
  • • 13589 people trained on different skills, trades and IGAs.
  • • 824 people trained on HID and Leadership.
  • • 7293 participants received Input support.
  • • 9329 destitute persons brought under SSN program.
  • • POPI’s Livelihood


Training for Livelihood

POPI’s livelihood development program aims to work with the poor community members by capacitating them so that they become qualified and are able to get engaged in viable income earning activities .This program assists the poor, especially the women from poor families to get organize in groups, identify various income earning options that are suitable for them and their respective areas, offer them with required managerial, skills and entrepreneurship development training and marketing knowledge as well as extending much needed input, credit and technical supports for successful implementation of their income earning activities. POPI also offers support for value chain development by facilitating networks building with market sector actors, and establishing and /or strengthening linkages to ensure better price for the poor producers. POPI imparted training to 333 youths on vocational and entrepreneurship so that they can get involved in income generating activities of their choice. Special training was designed and offered.


*All quantitative information belongs to financial year 2017-2018.


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