Health Nutrition and Wash*

Health program is conducted to provide primary health care services and increase access to health services by the poor, particularly by women suffering from different forms of exclusion. Its health program focuses on ANC, PNC, safe child delivery, personal hygiene, use of safe water, diarrhoea prevention, exclusive breast feeding, immunization, adolescent health, menstrual hygiene, hygienic latrine, supplementary food and cooking-feeding demonstration etc.


Key Performance

  • • 6,665 health awareness sessions organized.
  • • 55,994 persons (52,159 female) were provided with messages and knowledge covering various issues on health, hygiene and nutrition.
  • • 807 satellite clinics and health camps organized.
  • • 2116 women received ANC services.
  • • 1072 lactating mothers received PNC services.
  • • 14210 patients (84.49 % women) received treatment on different ailments.
  • • 1574 people received different assistive devices (stick, umbrella, spectacles etc).
  • • De-warming tablets distributed to 15,850 people.
  • • 5,165 pregnant and lactating mothers were provided with food ration supports.
  • • 16761 adolescent girls received iron and folic acid.
  • • 2355 children were brought under immunization.


Nutrition and WaSH
POPI‘s Health, WaSH and Nutrition program is specially designed to address to the need of most marginalized and disadvantaged section of community members specially women and girl children of hard to reach areas. To cater to the needs of the community people, POPI conducts activities attached to raising awareness on Health, Nutrition and WaSH related issues along with extending technical and financial support to install/create WaSH infrastructures in their homesteads and neighborhoods.



  • • 14,210 poor patients (84.49 % women) received general treatment.
  • • 266 patients with severe illness were referred to the government hospitals for better treatment.
  • • 807 health camps, satellite and static clinics organized.
  • • 16761 adolescent girls received iron folic acid assistance.
  • • 1574 people received different types of assistive devices from POPI.


*All quantitative information belongs to financial year 2017-2018.


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