POPI has been successfully implementing a multi sectoral comprehensive  development   program for years with more than 5 million people living in its working areas spread over 127 Upazilas of 21 districts  covering 5 Divisions in Bangladesh. POPI’s  especially designed microfinance program is an important strategic intervention for poverty alleviation and employment generation which directly contributes towards achieving sustainable development goal 1 and 2. Through different types and innovative products/credit features micro-finance services are offered to its program participants and they are:  Jagoron, Agrosor, Buniad, Sahos, Sufalon, ENRICH and Water credit. This program has extremely been effective in improving the living standard of the common people by assisting them with financial resources for investment in EIG activities along with needed skills, management training, technical assistance and marketing supports.


Jagoron is a micro finance product especially designed to cater the poor.

Loan limit: Up to Tk 99,000
Borrowers: 106966
Outstanding: Tk 1,942,001,747

Investment categories: Goat and cow rearing, beef fattening, vegetable gardening, grocery shop, vendoring, small business, rickshaw/van purchase, tailoring, crop production, weaving, rice husking, puffed rice, bamboo products making, plant nursery, pisci-culture etc.


Agrosor is a micro finance initiative to cater for the middle income group, business persons and small and medium entrepreneurs.

Investment categories: Farming (poultry, dairy), handicraft, pharmacy, shoe making factory, housing, small enterprise (garments, workshop), whole sale entity, printing press, and power tiller etc.

Loan limit: Up to Tk 20 lac
Borrowers: 24808
Outstanding: Tk 2,172,688,333


Buniad is a micro finance product with special features to serve the extreme poor.

Loan limit: Up to Tk 30,000
Borrowers: 3949
Outstanding : Tk 45,618,616


Sufalon is designed aiming to serve the seasonal needs of marginal and middle farmers. It is a loan designed mainly to promote seasonal agricultural crop production.

Loan limit:  Up to Tk 50,000
Borrowers: 1821
Outstanding: Tk 53,216,711


Used categories:      

  • • Crop category.
  • • Non crop category.
  • • Agricultural material and implements purchase.


Sahos product is designed to cater to the emergency credit needs of natural disaster victims. Members can use this loan for purposes related to disaster preparedness, for survival during disaster and also for meeting expenses during the post disaster period.

Loan limit: Up to Tk 15,000
Outstanding :Tk 1,610,618

To address the people’s credit and technical needs for installing/ creating WaSH infrastructures, POPI initiated this water credit program entitled “Rural People’s Access to Congenial and Environment viable water and sanitation facilities (RACE)”.

Water credit features loan limit Tk-80,000/=


Water loan Products
Shallow Hand Tube Well, Deep Tube Well, Submersible Pump, Water Filter, Water Renovation, Rain Water Harvesting System, Household Water Connection

Number of borrower : 1366
Disbursement:  Tk 3, 76, 89,000


Sanitation loan Products
Ring Slab Latrine, Twin Pit Latrine, Offset Pit Latrine, Toilet with Septic Tank, Sanitation Renovation

Number of borrower: 646
Disbursement: Tk 1, 47, 19,00 


An approach of poverty reduction and human development
Enhancing Resources and Increasing Capacities of Poor Households towards Elimination of their Poverty (ENRICH) is an idea or concept of whole family development. Along with covering  education and health it also facilitates for the best utilization of the existing capabilities and resources of the poor households.  Through this program POPI has been contributing to poverty reduction by offering micro- finance services for IGA, Livelihood improvement and Asset Creation. ENRICH member can take loans for more than one activity under IGA and can use this loan for multiple economic activities with potential for productivity growth. The Asset Creation Loan has been designed to assist the household in acquiring any kind of productive asset and the Livelihood Improvement Loan offers to meet up the family consumption, purchase of necessary household gadgets, and taking other actions related to livelihood improvement.

Borrowers for IGA: 65
Amount: Tk 82,70,000
Borrowers for Livelihood Improvement: 65
Amount: Tk 1,00,000
Asset Creation Borrowers: 201
Amount: Tk 58,40,000


*All quantitative information belongs to financial year 2017-2018.


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