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Chars Livelihoods Programme (CLP) Project Duration: July 2010-March 2016 Working Area Focus Components Supporter(s)/Development Partner Upazilas: Jaldhaka Dimla, Nilphamari District:Nilphamari Livelihood Security, Health & Nutrition Market development, Infrastructure dev.Village Savings & Loan DFID and
AusAID CLP is stands for Chars Livelihoods Programme and works to improve livelihoods, incomes and food security of extremely poor and vulnerable women, children and men living on remote isolated riverine char islands. It is expected that this project will achieve the following outputs.
• Reducing environmental risks (erosion, flooding, watsan)
• Improving family assets (physical, social, productive)
• Increasing access to markets and services
• Enhancing female self confidence
• Monitoring and communicating best practice and influencing
Project Goal:
To improve the livelihoods, incomes and food security of at least 12329 extremely poor and vulnerable women, children and men living on riverside char islands of north-western Bangladesh. To achieve the objectives that means to improve livelihoods, incomes and food security; the package that are provided to the vulnerable people are
• Income generating asset of their own choice valued at Tk 17500.
• Livelihoods training and inputs (homestead gardens, cattle rearing)
• Stipends (asset maintenance and family income support)
• Homestead raised on a plinth above the highest known flood level
• Access to clean water and a sanitary latrine
• Access to Village Saving Loan
• Access to a Social Development group comprising a modular course lasting 18 month
• Inputs (IFA, de worming tablet. MNP sachets) distribution for pregnant mothers, lactating mothers, child, adolescent girls and referral facility
• Access to primary health facility with referral through health vouchers

The core package of CLP
The core packages of CLP are income generating asset, livelihoods training and inputs (homestead gardens, cattle rearing), stipends (asset maintenance and family income support), homestead raised on a plinth, access to improved water and sanitation, social development curriculum, health vouchers and nutrition inputs. CLP Project has four main units named Human Development Unit (HDU), Markets and Livelihoods Unit (M&LU), Infrastructure Unit (IU) and Innovation, Monitoring, Learning and Communication Unit (IML&CU). Each unit works to implements several projects.
Human Development Unit (HDU):
1. Social Development Project (SDP): PRA, CPHH selection as per criteria, Baseline survey, Group formation, VDC formation, ADG Group formation, Group meeting, SD training, Community Mela, Safety net distribution, Couple Orientation, Emergency grant distribution, AGM.
2. Village Savings and Loan Project (VSL): VSL Group formation (Core & None Core), CSK selection & develop, Share collection, Loan distribution & collection, SD module delivery for None core group, Training for GMC, Couple Orientation.
3. Primary Health Care & Family Planning Project (PHC& FP): CSK selection & develop, Satellite Clinic conduct & patients served, Referral service, Day observation, HNE session conduct, Meeting with GoB & others stakeholders.
4. Direct Nutrition Intervention Project (DNIP): CPK selection & develop, Survey & participants selection, IFA & de worming tablet distribution, Counseling, Day observation, Folk song & drama, Different training conduct, Awareness raising.
5. Hygiene Behaviour Change Interventions (HBCI): Health and nutrition education session and one-to-one counselling and courtyard meeting.
Markets and Livelihoods Unit (M&LU):
1. Assets Transfer Project: Orientation meeting on livelihoods activities & ATP, Asset purchase and transfer, Stipend distribution, Yard meeting, Livestock training, Cattle shed & manger ensure, Voucher Support for cattle vaccination & de-worming, etc

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